Thursday, November 06, 2003

Depression amongst bloggers

I clicked on a random blog yesterday and was intrigued that depression seemed to be a theme. Have been feeling kind of punk lately so was wondering if this feeling encouraged blogging. Is there some double blind study somewhere?

Piano is being tuned. My thumb is screwed up from some unknown tendonitis type shit going on. Will I be able to play again? I haven't played in quite awhile. I can't decide if I care or not. Something that was a huge part of my life has kind of dropped off the edge. Perhaps some unborn grandchild will take up the torch.

Why do people move to the suburbs and then vote down school levies? I thought the purported reason they moved to the suburbs was so that their kids would have "good schools." Apparently it's more about greed and white flight. Greed because you HAVE to have a huge house when you move and white flight is just because......well, you know. It's not ever mentioned or talked about in polite society but it's pretty obvious why people leave medium sized cities for the glory of the suburban lifestyle.

I personally like living in a city. I guess it's because everything is close by - you just don't have to go very far for life's necessities. I tried bedroom community suburban living once. No one ever told us we have to drive 1/2 hour to get to most places. What a pain in the butt that was. Anonymity is important, also. Guess I'm not a neighboring type of person. I don't feel lots of pressure to be involved in a city. That soccer-mom lifestyle is NOT for me.

So, I'm a semi-depressed anti-soccer-ex-mom living in an anti-bedroom-community suburban suburb. Are there a lot more like me out there? Should I start a support group?

Four days of work coming up starting tomorrow. I'm UP for the challenge. Bring on the bugs.

Post midnight thoughts

Blah day today. It's really better when I'm working, although I hate to admit it.

Interesting they're trying to nail Dean for his anti-Confederate remarks. Granted, he really blew this, but I see what he's trying to say. I don't think he's going to attract many Southern voters. We need to get Bush OUT in 2004 and need someone who can do that. Clark? Mebbe.

Just read that Farmer Jack's may close some of its stores. Damn. I just don't want to go to Krogers. Soon they'll be a monopoly here. Just when I was beginning to enjoy their store. Oh well, it's not a done deal yet. Does anyone else get upset about grocery store closings?

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Thought of something incredibly worth posting while driving around, and now I don't remember it. Typical. No one else ever does that, right?

Everyone at the beauty shop seems to think they know a LOT about the flu shot and health care in general. I wonder how they'd all be if I started telling them how to do hair coloring?

Do retail stores make any money at all on what they sell if they give you coupon incentives all the time? I guess they must or they wouldn't be in business. Makes you wonder what the poor Asians making the stuff we buy make when they manufacture the stuff. It's just too pitiful. If there were any easy way to make clothing I would, but there isn't, so I won't.

Did you know that a men's pant size of 38 x 34 is virtually impossible to find? Statistically men must not exist that take that size very often. I had to visit two stores to find any, and then only found 3 pairs in a sea of khaki. What's up with that?
Amazingly the school and library levies have passed. My faith in the general population has been restored.

Didn't know that microbiologists could have repetitive stress injuries. Plate flipping CAN be hazardous to your heatlh.

Too many decisions tonight on page setup. Have to think about my next entry.