Saturday, June 29, 2013


Enrolled mom in a study to help her memory. Talked to the researcher yesterday and it seems okay to proceed, as it will give her something to do. 

What surprised me was that she has been evaluated on the GDS-FAST (Global Deterioration Scale - Functional Assessment Staging) and she is at a 3.8 level. A "3" is "Early confusional/incipient dementia of Alzheimer's type) and a "4" is "Late Confusional/Mild DAT." This includes memory deficit (which she is definitely showing) and decreased deficit in memory of one's personal history; decreased ability to travel, and needing assistance in complex tasks (which has been going on for quite awhile). She is also showing some of the things in level 5 (patient can no longer survive without assistance, unable to recall a major relevant aspect of their current lives; some disorientation to time and place or able to retain knowledge of major facts regarding themselves and others (this is spotty). She can definitely choose her own clothing, though :-), so we're not quite to the end of level 5.

I have never thought of my mother as having dementia. I have always assumed that dementia is a blatant event that hits you between the eyes - where the person is definitely unknowing. It is obviously a lot more sneaky in its presentation. There is a strong family history of dementia on Grandpa G's side, with her great aunt and uncles experiencing it, along with her grandmother. The stories that have been passed down to me, however, paint the relatives as being totally out of it and being a lot more mean. Hopefully the mean side will hold off. It shows up every now and then and I can talk her down out of it. 

My uncle passed away today (mom's sister's husband). I'm not sure what exactly happened. Death is striking closer to home with each month's passage.

On a high note, we are going on vacation week after next. It's the first time since 2005 since the two of us have gone anywhere out of town together. Damned job has finally been put on the back burner. Hope nothing occurs to mess this up.


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