Friday, September 17, 2010

Sitting around with my grandsons today

We were going to go to the library today. However, I didn't get up till 10 a.m. and didn't get over to Katie's till 11:30 a.m. Miles was spitty-uppy and Katie was sleep deprived. Miles wanted to eat (again) and we finally decided to bag the library trip for another day.

After Katie went up for a much needed snooze, I held Miles for a bit and then put him in the bouncy chair with his binky. He finally dropped off for a much needed nap. I put the chair down by my foot and sat with Oliver on the couch. If Miles fussed, I bounced the chair with my toe and he proceeded to slumber away. He did smile at me a bit today, but had been up all morning, so I was glad he could settle down for awhile.

Oliver, in the meantime, was busy with letters and spelling. He loves his magnetic letters, which he carries around in a metal bucket, and differentiates between lower case and upper case with Oliver-like specificity. You cannot ever substitute a lower for an upper case. He just won't have it. He has in his mind what he wants to create and nothing will sway him. Ever since he has started watching Word World on PBS Kids he has soaked up verbiage and spelling like the proverbial child-like sponge. Katie bought him a new computerized spelling type electronic toy that has words and spelling games in both English and Spanish. He knows the latter alphabet quite well and seems to understand some of the Spanish words on the toy (which grandma does not, unfortunately). The words they threw out to spell were somewhat astonishing (the toy is listed as for kids 3+ years of age). Katie and I cracked up at the words ogre and windsurf and yacht. Who decides on the words in these databases anyway?? How many adults can spell ogre?

After I switched off the kids' shows for a cooking show respite, Oliver went to work with his magnetic letters in earnest. He was insistent on upper case letters. After awhile he laid out what he was looking for: W G T E. This is the station's call letters that we were watching. I am quite impressed with his attention to detail.

We also played a counting game where I would lightly take his wrist and pat it on a pillow while counting to 100. Sometimes I would count slow, fast loud or soft. His anticipation of what might come next led him to laugh and giggle. Once we got to 100 he said, "Go to 100 again Gamma?" which of course we did.

I thoroughly enjoy our grandchildren and can't think of any better way to spend my afternoon. Thank you, Katie, for having me over. You can take a nap anytime :-).


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